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2x or 4x processing Question


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   I am running FAH on about 20 systems, mostly P4 and P3 systems, and I noticed that with the P4 HT systems, they only max out at 50% CPU utilization per Thread. So i am trying to find a way to get the CPU to 100% for both the core and virtual HT core.

   When setting the priority of the service to Realtime in task management under Windows XP Pro, it sets the HT (virual core) to 0 to 10% activity, and pegs the primary core to 100% for the P4 2.8 Ghz HT CPU, when setting it back one setting to Highest priority before realtime priority, I get 50% utilization on the primary core and the HT (virtual core).

   What I was thinking is if there is a way to get both to 100%, possibly by running two instances of FAH using Virtual PC to crunch/fold in the virtual environment which may take advantage of the HT, and the the local install of FAH taking advantage of the real core to crunch/fold 2x as much work.

  I am also wondering if a dual core CPU runs at 50% in which it would be beneficial to peg at close to 100% per core to get 2x as much work completed, and quad cores to have 4 instances running each on a seperate core to get 4x as much work completed in about teh same amount of time as before.

  I remember SETI being a single core data cruncher and being frustrated at not being able to utilize the second idling CPU in my dual processor servers that I was using....

   Maybe pegging the HT processor at 50% for both the actual and virtual core is all I can squeeze out of it!

   Has anyone else seen this 50% utilization for HT Processors and found ways to crank out more productivity from a CPU to get it closer to 100% for both actual and virtual cores???



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It is definitely possible to run multiple instances on a HT, dual &/or quad (or more) core system, in order get your CPU usage up. You won't even need VirtualPC, as you were thinking

Basic process for doing this is: create a new folder to hold your 2nd instance. When configuring the second instance, go into advanced settings, and set the machine ID to 2 (or anything that is different than the first instance, which defaults to 1). Repeat as necessary for additional cores (although for quad or more, even dual if you can get the work done in time (deadlines are short), SMP version is recommended.)

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Thanks for the info .... Neat that more than one instamce is possible as rpimonitrbtch states, and interrestin that 50% is actualy 100%, so there would be no benefit I guess to trying to run 2 or more instances, since it would really mean that it could casue work units to take 2 or more times longer to complete.


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