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I have decided to make my own 'distribution' of other USB SwitchBlades... so I have come up with this!

                                                          USB Claymore Alpha 1


NOTE: This will go from Alpha, too beta, then to RC, then release (I hope!)

Version History (PUBLIC)

- Updated all Nirsoft programs

- Added features

                            - Firefox password stealer

                            - Mozilla History 'Shower'

                            - And much, much more!

- Added Hide System Files and Hidden files reg & bat. (from AMISH payload, I think)


Still to come;

- Send the logfile to (and from) gmail.

Current bugs (That I know of!)

- Firefox password stealer doesn't seem to work

- Mozilla History stealer doesn't always work


Please tell me what you think of this so far!

And please tell me (or give me ideas) on how I can fix the bugs, and if you have found anymore.

USBHacker 8)

PS: This is based around the "Switchblade alternative 1.3" by Silivrenion & I have taken some things from the AMISH Payload (I think)

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USB Claymore Alpha 2

Here is an unexpected update!


- Updated pwdump to 1.6 (much faster now!)
- Made WIP invisable (icon)
- Made logfiles folder hidden
- added hidefile.bat to go.cmd (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't)

Enjoy ;)

USBHacker aka. Panarchy
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