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Problem with Baystack 350-12T Switch (Solved)


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I have had several problems with the Baystack 350-12T Switch for one my computer will not connect to it i just comes up "Limited or no connectivity".

I have tried Google but i can not find the manual or something related to this problem and when i input ipconfig it does not give me a default gateway listed but i do have an ip address listed.

Thanks in advance

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always start wif the layer1. Check the connection btwn the PC and the Switch, on a physical level, make sure that the cable being used is correct, and in working order.

But to me it sounds like a DHCP issue, tryed manulaly assigning the IP / Mask / Gateway?

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I'm not sure of the ip address right now (I'm at school) but i will look when i get home also how would i go about manually assigning the the IP / Mask / Gateway? P.S. Thanks for the fast reply.

EDIT: Problem solved it turned out dchp was disabled so now i have it hooked into my linksys rougher

Thanks to all who posted

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