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Getting into a secure router need help


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How do I get into a router that has a password? I think it has WEP encryption. BY they way I need it for school so I need it for a Mac. Thanks if you can help.

Are you trying to connect to a network that is encrypted or are you trying to log onto the router to change its settings? if your just trying to connect to an encrypted network see deveants post, if your trying to log onto a router, platform doesn't matter as most home routers have a web based interface so just use browser of your choice. If its a enterprise grade router like cisco you need to telnet into it. if you have physical access to it just hit the reset button and then use the default password.

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u think is WEP, u have a MAC.

Google: "Hacking WEP with MAC"


Im to tired to go on about how stupid it is to attack ur next door's Wireless, or how stupid it is to try n cover up this by saying i need it for skool.

Vote lock? vote my post deleted?

Yeah I vote lock... this post violates the guidelines posted by Moonlit yesterday.

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Breaking your neighbours wireless security for free internet isn't the same as deliberately attacking your schools computer infrastructure, I know this, my girlfriend knows this, everyone knows this. So stop being a retarded little brown nose and shut the fuck up.

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