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Pandora + Pandora Jar working in Australia


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Yep I'm pretty damn surprised myself and its awesome that such a program is out, a big thanks guys :)

Just like to say theres a really easy way to access Pandora from any country (of course including Australia).

*Taken it down due to...request :P *

Just PM me for details..

As of this moment I'm listening to Pandora Jar and now have 100+ mp3s :D

Trust me I'm hardly the tech savvy type, i admit I'm good at computers but only the tip of the ice berg of flash and code etc.

So if i can do it, just about anyone can if they follow instructions.

BTW I'm on Vista Ultimate if anyone was wondering if it works on Vista.


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I'm happy for you that you know this, but please delete this topic, before the Shield gets banned from Pandora too!

Yeah sorry your right i forget they can check this forum too heh. Anyway i only found out this from other internet sites...which i googled 'how to get around Pandora from outside the US' or something to that effect.

If they really wanted to block Pandora they would have found out by the other 1000 sites that have this easy work around.



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