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Recommend me an O.S. Vid Editor and Capture software


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I need to do a presentation for my Public Speaking class, and I want to create a short video. Can anyone recommend me a good open source video editor and capturer? Needs to run on Vista preferably, but at least on XP. No Nix systems running currently, at least not that can handle video editing.

Thanks guys!

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PersonallY I would just use Adobe stuff (you know the drill, say no more) but there is Jahshaka and a few others. Depending on what your doing you may just be able to use the MS video edit thingy. Not amazing but its free and could get the job done. Otherwise:


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I want to make a compilation video of screen shots from different video games throughout the years, throw in a a few clips from Pure Pwnage, and overlay some music.

It's the intro for a speech I"m going to do about the history of the video game culture.

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Um, if your using windows, just use Windows Movie Maker. It's included with XP and can be downlaoded from the Microsoft site if you need to update it or was nto installed initially. It's not the greatest editor, but you can make damn good videos if you play around with it long enough. There are tons of addons and scripts you can customize yoruself, so you can get whatever effect you want, just need to learn how to tweak it.



the main site: http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/Index.aspx

are good resources for things you can do with Movie Maker that are not obvious "out of the box". I use a few other programs to edit movies and found that once you learn movie maker, it is probably one of the quickest and easiest(for windows) drag and drop setups there is for beginners who do not need advanced things like color keying and multiple audio streams. If all you want is to add some images and vid clips, and throw some music over it, Movie Maker will be enough to get the job done with minimal effort.

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