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Use webserver to manage dynamic dns?


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I've always used DynDNS to manage the dynamic IP of my home server - but considering I have a proper domain for my business - I was wondering if I could maybe create a subdomain to manage my dynamic IP. My webserver is rented and not onsite - but is it still possible to use it to manage the IP of my home file server? If so, how?

Edit: I have pretty thorough access to the web server (being dedicated), I can manage the DNS zone settings manually - but is there a way to get my server to update those, perhaps with a php script or otherwise. I have set it up manually now - but I don't want to have to change it myself every time the DSL modem redials.


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Ok after a good few hours of reading, I have a grasp of how it would be possible - but unfortunately, I do not have that level of access to the server. A quick rundown for anyone searching...

Create the PHP file which will basically create a temporary file. Inside this file is the commands for the nix command nsupdate

server localhost

zone subdomain.domain.com

update delete subdomain.domain.com A

update add subdomain.domain.com 14400 A new_ip_address


Then using,

exec('/bin/nsupdate /path_to_temp_file', $result)

That will run the command and change the DNS details, not massively complex, but unless you have decent rights to the server, you'll just get an access denied error.

Time for me to close this project!

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