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XP, XP64, Vista or Vista x64


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....but no Linux  :razz:

I've got a new desktop...

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad

2GB Kingston Ram

2x Hitachi 250GB SATA II (Matrix Raid 120GB Stripe / 170GB Mirror)


And currently I'm just running Windows XP MCE and obviously it runs sweet. I do a decent amount of video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. What's the best operating system to take full advantage of my hardware.

I don't really use Vista because its been horrifically slow to use, and it doesn't run CS2 or PP remotely well (probably given the fact they're not Vista compatible).

I've probably answered my own question here, I've never used x64 XP - I've always heard it was a bit of a hack, but I've got a valid licence from University for it, so I could still run it if it would perform better.

Thoughts guys?

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If I was going 64bit I'd say Vista x64 because XP x64/IA64's a bit low on good drivers. Personally though I would stick with 32bit, and I'd go with 32bit XP because I know it works, the compatability's as good as ever, drivers are everywhere and it's plenty fast enough. Trouble is, you aren't using your hardware to its full potential. I guess you've gotta weigh up the pros and cons, but if you want speed and compatability, go for XP x86.

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+1 Vista 64 :)

Ur spec's r fine for running it, the issue may come wif the cost of the package, but still worth it. i only say the 64bit ver because of preformance issues when running new parts on 32. apart from that, the only other thing i could suggest is not use windows.

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Windows has never had a good OS until after SP1

Of course Windows never had a good OS. Windows IS the OS. Microsoft are the only ones to really _have_ it these days though.

... and then the EU came along. 8)

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have been trying to find other references to this to verify  if its true, if it is you will be paying  for something you had.

Yeah, but if they pulled it off then it'd make a lot of people happy that their OS works and feels like their beloved XP ;)

Edit: I think it's a joke:

Elston also added that if people complain too much they'll just revert to Windows ME.
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