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Control Linux Via Networks And Windows XP?


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Try FreeBSD, its far more logical than linux, especially for a windows user (imo). Will help you grasp the basics.

Could you explain exactly why its more "logical than linux"... I mean totally your opinion and all... I am just curious to see why you said that.

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It has a manual, all the ports follow the same rules, the ethos is more designed rather than chaotic. My ubuntu system has died pretty much after 3 months of light usuage due to updates not working or conflicting, where as freeBSD just works, no pissing about, it just works.

This says it better than I can:


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SSH, is the way to go... if u havnt already picked that up by now :P

Though my suggestion is to Google Foo, and document everything. Ive found the easiest way to find step by step info is to search "HOWTO *program or server name*" its helped me alot, and allowed me to build command Libs.

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