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USB over Ethernet?


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If you make up some Ethernet to USB adapters, change the ports on the usb hub from usb to RJ45s (ethernet), and connect this to you pc you could also beam usb around you house

USB and ethernet are *completely* different. This wouldn't even nearly work.

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USB and Ethernet are *completely* different. This wouldn't even nearly work.

Computer---USB to Ethernet adapter(ie a thing thats puts the 4 wires of usb down the middle 2 pairs of ethernet)---Patch Panel----Ethernet to USB adapter---USB device.It would work!

I guess that'd work as long as you mean you'd just be sending USB over a cat5 cable rather than using a USB network "card", in which case I'm not sure there's such a thing as an ethernet to USB host adapter.

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I may be a few days late on this one, but I'm just chiming in on this interesting topic to give my opinion in the form of a little good idea/bad idea.

Good idea: I've been thinking about it, and wiring RJ-45 ports to a usb hub and plugging in cat-5 with usb ends would be fine as long as you are only connecting copper wire to copper wire. Excellent idea. As they say in my neck of the woods, "Youse guys is owwsome."

A bad idea? Running it through a router - that is where the layer 1 differences between 802.3 and USB come in to play. That would seriously fry the router. As for signal attenuation, a repeater or an ethernet hub I think would work fine as long as you don't plug in more than one usb device. Extra usb devices through one port need a hardware usb bridge interface to sort out the signals. A usb hub is kinds of akin to an ethernet layer-2 switch in that respect.

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