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New U3 Help Please


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hey guys i just got a kingston u3 1gb flashdrive and i downloaded universal customizer and it always says that only one drive could be customized at a time, i ejected the usb drive and let the cd part be on and it still didnt work, i did the other way around and still nothng. . .  im on vista if it matters , help plz :(

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I don't think the universal customizer works on Vista....

Its either that or i have embedded drives that count as usb that are getting detected (for sd cards and the like)

Can't remember which ended up being the problem (i can still eject the sd reader or w/e and it goes away).

I think that might be it, but I don't remember.  All of the desktops in our house run vista so I have to use a really old Win 2000 laptop. :P

Oh and a couple tips:

1) don't eject the usb part

2)delete the files and programs off the flash part (just reinstall/copy the stuff back over) - this can make the difference between 2 hour customizing and 1 minute customizing.

It tends to fail if you have a lot of stuff on it too.

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