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Starting A Web Host! I Need Tips On OS And Other Softwares


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I admit I do not know anything about linux and have never run a webhosting company, But I've got to start somewhere. I am willing to do it.

I never ran a game server until 2 years ago, I learned and that server is still online.

I'm willing to do this even if it is hard. And I asking you guys because you have the linux experience and know much more about it than I probably ever will.

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Most people that start hosting company usually have worked for a hosting company at some level or have worked for an ISP. There really isn’t any money in hosting unless you’re a big company or offer something different. If anything I would recommend trying to find work at a hosting company or ISP for 6 months, and then come back to your hosting company idea if you still feel it’s a good idea.

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True but I wanted my own servers

Your not ready to host comerically on an unmanaged server, not by a long shot. You know we'll just end up being your tech support and your never going to get a good SLA that way. Your best bet atm is getting a reseller hosting account on someones shared hosting box, then work your way up from there. You should also build your own webserver from scratch at least once, otherwise you will have no idea what to do when something goes wrong (it will, it always does).You need to know your way around bash at the very least.

Basically, its a good goal you have lined up and given that you've stuck around here for so long despite the snide comments we've dished out I think you will get there, you just need to learn the ropes before you launch this thing or you will just wind up out of pocket.

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