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hacking mac osX login password


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ok well simple enough question is, are there any methods of cracking mac osX login passwords ? i know of methods of cracking pc/windows login password. i dont own a mac and the reason i ask is that i had a client that bought a mac laptop off the street with a password and all think of is to get a copy of the os cd and do and complete reinstall. ether the copy i got of the net was fake or their a certain way the cd had to be burned, because it dosn't boot the cd?!

thnx for your time everyone

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Or you can just change and or dump the passwords in the sameish way.

Hold down appple + s during reboot until you enter single user mode, then type

/sbin/fsck -y


/sbin/mount -uw /

and finally


theeen passwd root or passwd [name of the main account] :D

I have found this seems to work on OS X systems before 1.0.4 (or whatever) Have fun :)

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