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How do i debug Pandora's Jar?


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I never seen references to the Slax/NimbleX file

structure in that file and it appears i found why:

despite all my efforts to adapt the .sh script for

OS X, it turns out my TMP and TEMP environment

variables are short lived and vanish once i close

the console window where i tried to define them.

I couldn't find a way to start Pandora's Jar then

FireFox from the same script so that means there

is no TMP/TEMP environment variable for FireFox

and the suite to be found - but i'll work on it.


Perhaps it would help if we could define the

temporary path manually;  the FireFox cache path

is something else because it keeps changing all

the time from one session to the next so this

should be done using JAVA/JavaScript launched

after FireFox is loaded, i suppose.  Oh, by the

way...  Can you suggest tools to edit the Flash

Switcher add-on and attempt to make it work with

my Linux Live CD setup?  Everything including

bilingual support is OKay if we except the Grab

button of Pandora's Jar and Flash Switcher - i'd

also like support for both Flash Player v7 & v9,

or even better, three+:  v7, v9, v7 disguised as

v9 plus maybe vice-versa!  If i must, i'll patch

the .so binaries by editing the "LNX" strings as

it may remove the need to edit 'pluginreg.dat'...


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Thanks for your support!  I'd like to help, i sort

of wonder what happens if 'NPSWF32.dll' is patched,

for example at location #191DB8)h for the version

found in the 'chromeplugins9.0 r45NPSWF32.dll'

file of 'Flash Switcher v1.0.0' (2115816 Bytes and

dated 2007-Mar-28 1:04)...  It would look like this

using hexadecimal edition tools ('XVi32', whatever):

[tt]191DB0  50 6C 75 67 49 6E 00 00 57 49 4E 20 39 2C 30 2C  PlugIn  WIN 9,0,

191DC0  34 35 2C 30 00 00 00 00 41 3D 25 62 26 53 41 3D  45,0    A=%b&SA=[/tt]

The Linux version is slightly different, of course:

[tt]5D53E0  72 65 6E 74 00 5F 66 6C 61 73 68 00 4C 4E 58 20  rent _flash LNX

5D53F0  39 2C 30 2C 34 38 2C 30 00 2E 73 63 72 6F 6C 6C  9,0,48,0 .scroll[/tt]

Hummm...  But i guess those are digitally signed...

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I had a thought which woke me up:  it should be possible to define

variables from what's written in a text unless they're already set.

Lets suppose TMP and/or TEMP are pre-defined, there's no need

to read the configuration file unless a switch specifically requires

Pandora's Jar to do so, though if both are absent then there's no

other choice but to read the configuration file to find some value.

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