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Sound Screwed


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I installed an Mp3 to MIDI converter and it did something to set up my sounds when I installed it.  It didn't do what I wanted so I uninstalled it.  Now my sub emits a super low pitch constantly.  I don't remember what the program was and I can't find it again on Google.  It is really pissing me off and I really can't use my speakers.  What can I do to get rid of it?

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MP3 to MIDI converters don't exist in any useful form, it isn't possible.

It is, I had a program that would detect what melody note was being played in an MP3 and Convert it into a MIDI. It wasn't very accurate though.

Where did you get this Program From Anyway. According to Google, It dosent exist.

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Anyway, my sound's still screwed.

Have you uninstalled the sound card itself and reinstalled it yet?

Also, check the wires/connections to the speakers. Maybe there is a loose connection and your getting feedback/interference from the connection.

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I figured it out.  I have a mic that is always plugged in and it is giving feedback.  Why is it suddenly recording?  Now that I have the problem there should be an easier way to fix it.  I just don't know how.

Either move it away from the speakers(feedback loop), turn down the record volume, or mute it when not in use.

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