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Hello Hak5!


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Hey guys! I Have returned to say a hello to all! I know a lot of the new guys probably don't know who I am but a few of you older members will probably remember me. So recently I have taken a long needed break from technology. That meant getting out of the house, hanging out with friends working and so on. I've recently have become involved in a new hobby, working on hondas. I've started, buying and selling hondas, I recently purchased a 91 civic hatchback, for 400$ dead put 40 dollars worth a parts and about 10 hours of labor in it and sold it for 1500$ Its pretty fun, I driving and working on these little cars. (btw, I'm not into all that ricey stuff, no big spoilers, no huge loud fartpipes JDM ftw) I've also been doing work assisting painting cars and such. Yup, thats what I've been doing lately, just thought I would drop by and say Hi to everyone at hak5.

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Welcome back ol' buddy. Kinda funny, I was just thinking about you the other day while explaining the story behind www.hak5.org/noob

Good to hear from ya. In fact, just last night I got a PM from Ilya. We'll have to to tea and crackers sometime. Or maybe sammiches. Like smoked turkey on a toasted wheat roll with melted provolone, black olives, mayo, and salt & pepper. Mmmmm, sammiches.

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