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Hak.5 Radio Website Development


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Hey everyone, if you're reading this you've probably seen the 3x02 where we ask for your help in creating the new website for Hak.5 Radio.

Our first order of business which is already being worked on is a base design for the website.  Thanks to Jumanji, we're working on getting a preliminary template formed, which we'll work off of.

We're currently looking to begin recruiting graphics designers as well as PHP and mySQL coders once we have a design finalized.

While it's the graphics designers job to get the initial design complete, it will be the coder's responsibility to develop the completely custom back-end administration system that the site will require.  Once we're closer to a finalized design, it will be the coder's turn to take over.

If you're interested in participating in the internet's 1st community radio station, along with creating one kick ass site, please submit your interest in an email along with a small catalog of past work to (matt AT evolans DOT com).  Mubix and myself will be looking through the submissions and selecting people we feel would be a good fit for the team.

We're looking at a very short turn around time on this project, and will require interested parties to meet deadlines placed upon them by the project leaders.  If you feel you cannot meet regularly to discuss and show your progress on assigned tasks, please explain why and in what capacity you are available in your interest email.

Thanks everyone, and I'm looking forward to working with all of you soon.


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