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Wireless security question about Episode 1X3


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The guys show how to run a man-in-the-middle attack, this involves been on the network in the first place. I'm using a Linksys wireless router which has the standard password protection, is there anyway for someone to get past this password, how would they do it?

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the linksys is a good enough router for most people. If your using this for home a network and not an enterprise network then I think in the same ep darren talks about how to secure the linksys. Most of it is common sense stuff. you sound like your smart enough to protect yourself. ask yourself this how likely is it that someone is going to pull up outsie your house and leach your bandwith let alone hak into your network and do something? I have the wrt54g ver5 (bummed cant ddwrt or openwrt it) and its just fine for my needs :)

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I have WRT54G router, is there a way to recover the routers password with out resting it and losing the config on it, with a hardwired connection?

What software is it running? You may be able to exploit it in such a way that you gain access to the routers config options and can reset the password, but in all honesty you might find it faster to reset the unit.

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