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moonlit pwning thread (the os screenshot thread)


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Okay Moonlit seems to be the king of OS'es but I think there's gotta be someone out there with one Moonlit can't top, or bottom as the case may be.

The rules are:

The next summited desktop screenshot, must be no more then 2 years older then the previous!

Must have a GUI (movable 'windows')

Must be a screenshot you've taken

Must have the OS name somewhere

Should have a year/date

No cracked/demo versions IE if it says Vista Beta * it's still Vista


You get 1 point for any OS that conforms to the rules

0 points for a OS released in the same year as the last

Another 2 if the OS is one year OLDER (not younger)

Another 1 if the OS is two years OLDER (not younger)

--At Moonlit's request if no one can post the same OS and extra 5 points for each if you'd like to block post an screenshot of the same OS (year doesn't matter for the block) this screenshot does not need to be older*

You get no Points for beating yourself, play against moonlit/other people

If in 4 days time no one can beat the current holder of oldest OS the winner shall be crowned "OS Master"

The starting year is 2007

I get approval and rejection of any OS/disputes

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I know it isn't the real Windows Server 2003 Desktop as there is none that came with it and it crashes when i go for the about box.

A stolen screenshot badly edited, and unless that was SP1 or R2 it's about 2 years too old... better luck next time ;)

Edit: If we're going the whole Win2k3 route though:


My main desktop, resolution reduced because I usually run at 1600x1200 which isn't so good for forum posting :)

It's WS2k3 R2, so it was released 6 December 2005.

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1 point for it being within the rules +2 for being a 2006 OS (teh bouns was blocked by Jaymuhz)

the react OS is good for teh block

The Visopsys is dated 2007 no point (teh 5 bonus are awarded at this point)


I know it isn't the real Windows Server 2003 Desktop as there is none that came with it and it crashes when i go for the about box.

Moonlit has Contested this one if you can open Notepas and type in 'Hak.5 pwns n00bs' it can qualify for teh bonus but it's one year too old for standard points Moonlit has blocked

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her ya go ! wait screen shot ...

... i dont run X ..

%uname -a
FreeBSD rmccurdy.com 6.2-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p4 #0: Thu Apr 26 17:40:53 UTC 2007     root@i386-builder.daemonology.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386
%top -b
last pid:  3436;  load averages:  0.00,  0.00,  0.00  up 0+03:16:33    04:03:22
45 processes:  1 running, 43 sleeping, 1 zombie

Mem: 71M Active, 88M Inact, 50M Wired, 13M Cache, 34M Buf, 12M Free
Swap: 471M Total, 12K Used, 471M Free

  749 root        1   8    0 21412K 10808K nanslp   0:09  0.00% httpd
  746 mysql       5  20    0 55240K 26236K kserel   0:05  0.00% mysqld
  957 operat0r    1  96    0  8244K  5480K select   0:03  0.00% irssi
 3398 root        1   8    0  1712K  1072K nanslp   0:00  0.00% snortsam
  955 operat0r    1  96    0  2204K  1572K select   0:00  0.00% screen
 1491 www         1  20    0 21524K 11148K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
 1494 www         1  20    0 21540K 11016K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
  706 root        1  96    0  2928K  1524K select   0:00  0.00% master
 1642 www         1   4    0 21552K 11204K kqread   0:00  0.00% httpd
 1690 www         1  20    0 21508K 11064K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
 1492 www         1  20    0 21532K 11048K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
 3262 operat0r    1  96    0  6284K  2852K select   0:00  0.00% sshd
  517 root        1  96    0  1376K   828K select   0:00  0.00% syslogd
 1495 www         1  20    0 21532K 11048K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
 1507 www         1  20    0 21528K 11044K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
 3260 root        1   4    0  6272K  2808K sbwait   0:00  0.00% sshd
 1750 www         1  20    0 21536K 11028K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd
 1493 www         1  20    0 21508K 11036K lockf    0:00  0.00% httpd

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