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Tor Question


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It took me 30 seconds to google the answer.


yeh, but he wanted out answer not googles  :???:

google would only tell him if its been done, not if its possible.

In reply to the original question, I think the answer is no, I have never heard of it. There may be a way, but I am not aware of it. However, I am no tor expert.

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When the goal of the network is to hide your activities by internally encrypting your traffic, and externally continuously changing IPs by varying your exit points, what's the point in using the same exit point all the time?

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So it's not so much that you want to use a specific exit node, you want to not use country-specific exit nodes.

The thing is that the routing is completely transparent to you. You probably can't even tell your own tor node that its traffic should always be routed through box X, let alone tell box X to route your traffic to box Y. It'll make that decision for you. I think you're better off using a regular internet proxy host for this purpose. If you want anonymity up until that point, access the proxy via tor (if it'll allow it).

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