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Hackintosh (mac installed on a windows base machine)dual boot


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Have you ever wished you could have a mac but it was too much money. Well you can for as little as $00.00 or 300 if you want to build your computer.

With the hackintosh  you are now able to install mac os on an intell or amd machine as simple as ploping in a cd and clicking install.

and here is all the bla bla bla stuff zzzzzzz

Read this before reading the guide:

There are only two ways to install OSX 10.4.9 legally on your Windows computer:

1. Become an Apple developer

2. You can also buy an Intel Mac (I would recommend the Mac Pro!), install Windows Vista on it using Apple’s Boot Camp and remove OSX completely, so that you have a legally bought osx86 licence. This method isn’t confirmed and some people say it’s illegal because the EULA says that you aren’t allowed to install OSX on non-Apple hardware.

This means that for most people it is ILLEGAL to install osx on their computer. If you aren’t an Apple developer, leave page now. This site is in no way liable or responsible for the actions of its visitors.

IMPORTANT: DOWNLOADING OSX86 (a prepatched OSX 10.4.9 install image) IS ILLEGAL. Don’t ask me where you can download OSX86, not in a comment, not by e-mail, not by phone, not by sending a telegram and not by any other way you can imagine. Just don’t ask me. If you don’t know it and still want it, become an Apple developer or BUY A MAC![/size][/size][/size]

Okay now the good stuff

-Here are some forms that you can get more information and support from:





-To get the Mac os 10.4.9 install go to demoniod and search uphuck.

-To get EasyBCD 1.6


bellow are the simple steps to installing and getting the software you need.

-Click here to see if you computer is supported.

there are more that are not listed.


get CPU-Z if you need info of your computer.(http://cpuid.com/cpuz.php)


    - processor that supports at least SSE2 (see above)

    - prepatched OSX 10.4.9 install image (see step 1. for more info)

    -EasyBCD 1.6 if you want to daul boot

2. Burn the image to an empty DVD recordable (+R or –R, no rewritable dvd!)

    Use your favorite burn program for this (I recommend Nero Burning Rom or Alcohol 120%)

3. Create at least 6GB of unallocated space:

    - Press the windows logo in the bottom left corner of you screen (assuming that you’re using Windows Vista)

    - Right click ‘computer’ and select ‘manage’

    - Select ‘Disk Management’ in the ‘Computer Management’ screen.

    - Select a partition with at least 6GB of free space

    - Right click it and hit ’shrink volume”, type in the amount of space to shrink (at least 6GB) and hit ‘Shrink’.

    - Close all open windows.

4. Hit WINDOWS BUTTON + R and type ‘diskpart’ (without quotes)

5. Type in (press enter after you typed in a line):

    list disk

    select disk [the number of your disk]

    create partition primary id=af

    list partition

    select partition [the number of your new osx partition]

    active (if this doesn’t work, try ’set active’ without quotes)

6. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer,


a. once you see the install screen go to utilies and select disk manager


b.click partition and advanced or options(click some of the buttons on the bottom page it shuld be the second one in but dont click partion yet.) a page should scrole down and show GUID or MBR select MBR( if you fail to do this good luck booting up your HDD it is no longer use able in a windows machine)


c. make sure mac ...extended journal is selected click partition

follow the installation steps on your screen. Read everything carefully and select the right packages! a must dont select the wrong thing.

7. After finishing the installation, OSX should boot up. Play with it for a few moments and then proceed to the next step.

8. If you want to dual boot here is a quick and easy way to do it boot up in windows and get EasyBCD 1.6 ( http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 )

9.install and boot it up.

10 select add/Remove entries click Mac OSX tab and select Generic x86 Pc, add entry and save.

11.Now you can reboot your computer and you’ll see a nice dual boot menu!

You now have a fully working OSX 10.4.9 system.

Thanks to all the people that made this posible. all this information was taken from the above links.

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Was covered in an early episode of Hak5, if somewhat briefly.

Just a note though, if you are in a country whose laws prohibit the use of software that is written to break copy protection or the use of software that has had copy protection removed or broken then OSX86 is illegal full stop, there is no way to install it legally on a non-Apple computer.

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Well, actually it is Legal to Install it if you never use it. LOL!!

Also, you can do it a lot easier than this. Just Create Two Partitions. Install Windows on One Partition and Install OS X on the other one. And use the Windows Boot Loader or the Darwin Bootloader. It worked for me.

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Ya thier are better way to installing it but hey it worked i might be adding the 10.5 instaer on here soon it is a little harder but i guess it is worth it i dont know the file takes at least four day or so to get it and finding the patch is very hard a rare to get.

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