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Computer Monitors/iMacs


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Are there any dangers of shipping computer monitors / old style iMacs face down?  I mean would there be any damage to the CRT monitor like would the colors be messed up upon arrival or any magnetic issues?  I would be doing this with about 5-6 inches of good sturdy padding underneath the entire thing.  I ask because it is a lot easier to pack the old iMacs face down since the front is rather flat.

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When I moved, I place dmy monitor on the frotn see, glas down and strapped it in with the seat belt. Still works, and been through three moves.

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they should be fine, especially if they aren't used for a while before you ship them. when i bought my plasma tvs, the guys there said if i planned on moving or taking them anywhere after i set them up to let them cool off for atleast a few days first, then move it screen up if i have to lay it down, but thats plasmas, and crts are considerably older technology, correct? i say go for it, i've had a monitor on its front in storage for about 6 months now, and i plugged it in yesterday and it worked perfectly, if not better then before.

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