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Cpanel Hacking????


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Answer questions, sure, but only answer questions like this if the user's been around a while... We don't wanna be any more skiddy central than we already are, and we certainly don't wanna breed kids that run around exploiting stuff for fun and profit...

Breaking things is cool, but only if they're yours to break. We don't know if you're going to take an exploit talked about here and run around owning the living daylights out of every website, network or workstation you come across. You might not plan to do that, but we don't know that. Oh, and telling us it's for someone else and you're only gonna use it on your mum's web server who gave you permission ages ago because she doesn't know she even owns one won't work either...

In short (I'm running low on sarcasm and dry wit tonight) we don't wanna be responsible to helping you fuck people over.

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