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I can not arp possing with cain ?


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Definition of the word "swindle" in the context I'm assuming it to be used in.

Dude, it's clear english isn't your first language. There's nothing wrong with that. Just try to explain what you want to do or know in more than 3 words.

From what I understand you want to arp-poison a network using Cain & Able. You have an Agere Systems (now LSI) chip on your network adapter. Your network is a 10.10.10.x network. I think you want to say that when you see traffic (here's a thought: Post a screenshot) a given IP always has the same mac address associated with it, which is what one would expect.

Apparently a firewall exists somewhere in the network, but it's unclear what it does or doesn't do that relates to your question.

So please, tell us 1) what you want to do 2) what you're expecting to see as a result 3) what you're actually seeing, that doesn't make any sense to you.

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Please, please, please provide MORE INFORMATION.

Screenshots, descriptions of your network, what you've tried already, what you expected those attempts to do, what they did instead, if anything...

I realize I said "more than 3 words", which you managed to accomplish quite nicely, but try explaining it with about 100 words or more.

The problem we're having is that we don't have a single clue as to what you're trying to do, nor what it is you're asking from us.

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