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Where is a good place to buy plexiglass or polycarbonate panels. The local Home Depot and Lowes don't carry it and I do not know where to go for it. Would an arts and crafts store like AC Moore carry it. I have never seen it in a store before. Were working on a project where we want to make a graphic stransfer to the plexi and then carve into it with a dremmel. Then on th back side, route out part of the thichness to insert colored led's to light up the glass and it will intensify around our carved image. I seen it on the web and we wanted to make our own to frame and hang on the wall but we don't know where to get the plexi glass.

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as the guy above me stated, walmart should have it, i've seen it in the three that are around my home town (isn't it sad that i have 3 walmarts within an hours drive from my home? lol). if not, sams club might, but you need a membership to shop there. hardware stores such as true value (thats my local hardware store, but i think they have places all over the us), ebs (if you live in the east, they might have it), aubochaun (SP?) hardware would have it, and any glass retailer would have it or can order it for you, or you can order it online, i read a post on here once saying that there was a place in canada that sells plexiglass and they can custom cut it to within 1/2 a millimeter, so they can do it pretty precise. you can search for glass dealers in canada or you can wait till the exchange rate is good and go for a little road trip (ALWAYS fun lol).

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