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Educate the Nubiles


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[EDIT]Unless you're board, ignore the rest of this post. It is merely the result of me with a goal and no plan.[/EDIT]

The Hak5 community, by definition, has people of widely varying experience. The growth of a community reqires that the more experienced members of the community be willing to help the newer members become more experienced, the new members can then provide back to the community through their experience. Since this community is very technical and has no specialization, it is inevitable that there will be hard questions asked that will not answered unless there is already some one in the community that is knowledgeable on the topic of the question asked. It is therefore also necessary that if a person can not have there question answered that person must know how to do the research necessary to find the answer.

It is therefor of my logical conclusion that, for the sake of the growth of the Hak5 community, the Hak5 community provide resources that would in some way aid community members in doing any research and/or development in the event that one of their questions can not be answered.

Such resources could include tutorials on effective use of a search engine for any one doing research and links to specialized technical websites for those who would be willing to do development work to make the answers for themselves. Links to resources to educate developers on how to make documentation could also be a worthy addition.

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