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Software for using your T.V. as a monitor?


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I was wandering if you guys knew of any software for making the picture better while using your T.V. as a monitor.  I am currently just running a video cable straight into my T.V. and the picture of my desktop that comes up the screen is horrible.

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Its just a full screen media player that runs on a regular install of windows. You can treat it exactly like you would any other windows application, and just import the media from the various locations on your HDD(s) into is library. I always tend to install the actuall OS on a smaller driver on its own so it was just a case of throwing more HD's full of media into the mix. You can also set it to start at login in full screen mode, then customize windows to match it (disable unnecessary stuff, setup auto-logins and so forth), which would work nicely as an appliance. New stuff was added via network shares mostly.

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Dunno, but you could easily whip something together using bittorrent, stage6 et al, rss and automatic library updates to get your online stuff, and it does TV and DVD's, so thats pretty much all your bases covered.

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