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Hak 5 Style?


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Just a little something I'm working on, it looks a little basic since I only started it today but thought I'd post a few pics and let you guys give opinions...

All it is really is a few resource-edited bits of Windows thrown together to give my eyes a rest when using XP Pro on my laptop...

Produced on my desktop, tested on my laptop and the shots were taken in VMWare... :)





Wherever the Windows logo has a scrolling line beneath it (logging in for instance) the Hak.5 version also does the same.

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I love that image hack for the windows logon box. It makes networks look really professional if you put the corperate logo there. Whenever I do it for a customer that is the thing they always notice of all the things that I have done.

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so you gonna make it open source and post the code etc?

It's not so much code but instead knowing how to mess around with XP itself and edit the os' resource files. Here's a g4...

*original techtv comes to mind, chokes back tears*

...tutorial that gives an idea as to how someone can create their own login screen for XP. Understanding how this works will in turn, allow you to figure out how to modify other aspects of XP including your start menu, about, welcome screen, etc.

Good luck, have fun.

edit: I'm an idiot, here's the link. http://www.g4tv.com/screensavers/features/...gin_Screen.html

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I never saw TechTV untill Google video came about and i saw a couple of episodes of the screen savers...

Techtv was a fantastic network with shows that were actually technology aimed. Nothing like today's g4 where almost every program is based on video games, star trek, anime, or girls in bathing suits jumping on trampolines (not that there is anything wrong with girls in bathing suits) but I believe that most of you guys and gals will agree with me when I say that G4 is a nerd version of comedy central. Or at least pretty damn close.

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Oh shit, I'm a complete idiot. Sorry guys, here it is:


I've been up all night cramming for exams so I'm not suprised I forgot to post the link. Coffee and Excedrin only does so much to keep in line and on track.

If you forgot even that do you think you stand a chance at your exams? ^^

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No that's the weird thing. I have a semester's worth of microeconomics shoved into my brain (thank you aderol) and I'm able to ramble off anything that I need to know without hesitation but the little things like forgetting to post the link are finally catching up to me.

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its sort of eycandy then i have orange winxp loading screen that has a prita on it used an app to do it however there are ;links around that tell you what to hex etc to get this

But no installer

edit a good site for all tweaks (also reverting admin scripts) www.kellys-korner-xp.com

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You only truly understand some thing when you can talk about it for hours...

I'm betting a famouse person said that.

Eh, in the end it didn't matter. The exam was almost exactly the same as the practice exam she gave us. Took me a whole 30 minutes.

But you are correct (or that fictional famous person was anyway), the best way to learn information is to practice and best of all, teach it to others. I headed a study group in my economics and society class last semester and I can still recall most of the text word for word from all those hours spent in the library with the group.

Woah, we're quite off track here. Sorry everyone.

Maybe this summer if I find time between work and my other projects I'll construct a Hak.5 skin for XP.

Hey there's an idea, we could hold a competition to see who can contruct the best 'skin' for xp. Of course it would have to be through actually editing the resource files and not using a pre-built application (like from windowblinds) to streamline the construction process. (Although I'm not sure how those work either, never messed with them).

We could have best Hak.5 theme, best Evil Server theme and I'm sure we could think of a few more.

Any supporters?

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