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New to the scene, Windows Scripting...


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Heey all,

Im very new to the whole scripting scene. I was wondering about what you use when someone is refering to Windows Scripting. I know a Windows Script (or for that matter a script in general) is a file, a piece of code, that automates certain actions for you. Am i right? or totally off?

Anyway i was wondering what you used for this, Client side at the moment. Is it batch files? or something different?

Thanks Jizz.

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I think it's like a batch file, but written in a language that is closer to VB?

You'd use it to automate tasks that you perform fairly regularly in the exact same way, but that take several steps to complete and may require a bit of logic.

An example would be a script that would look at your MP3 downloads folder, and based on the ID3 tags in them organize them in some special way, possibly re-encoding them in the process.

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