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surveillance programs?


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I use IP Cams and they came with there own built in system.


I can watch up to 16 camera feeds at one time and each camera has movement sensors and microphones, they can be set up to record 24/7 or set up to only record when the movement sensors or microphone picks something up, it will save all the footage on any computer you have attached to the network or you can have it save the files on a remote server. I also have it set up to email my phone with a attached photo when ever it picks something up.

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I have a dog so yeah it can be a little annoying at times, but you can set the sensitivity down low, so it doesn’t pick up my dog moving around.

So if I sneak into your house and act like a dog it won't detect me?

From my experiance with cameras/motion detection on PCs I've found it depends alot more on the quality of the cameras than the software, although I've only used a few packages. I guess the positions I had my cameras in played a part too, the cheap ones like I was using really don't work too well in areas where there is a large ammount of natural lighting change.

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