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FreeNAS problem


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I installed FreeNAS on my old PC, but when I try to access the NAS using either the "run" command on a PC, or an FTP client on my Mac, it always says I do not have permission to do anything, as if it is read-only (but there is nothing on the drive to read).  It never works when I try to ping my Macbook and says 100% packet loss.  Also, when I look at my webGUI, under Disks>Mount Point, it says "Error - Retry".  I feel like reformatting my drive in UFS would help this, but the webGUI will not allow me to format my drive, since I have the OS running on the same drive as the data is being stored.  I cannot boot from a USB drive, so this will not work either.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

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You can, but then you'd best make a different partition for the OS.

You want to keep things separate to keep it manageable, and you generally want to use a separate device simply for performance reasons.

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I do remember Darren saying that freeNAS needs to format the disk itself before it can use it, not sure if this just means a slice or if it means the actual physical disk. But, this would mean that you couldn't install it on the same drive.

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