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DVD burner hack - a cutting laser


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Here is a cool hack, turn a DVD burner's laser diode into a cutting laser.


Just take a DVD burner, rip out the laser, add a heatsink, lens, and add 3v (two AA batteries) Simple!

The laser is just the same as the cutting lasers from Wicked Lasers but for a 1/3rd of the price.

I was looking at using a laser module from Oatley Electronics www.oatleyelectronics.com (on the laser page, LASER MODULE - FOCUSABLE) rather then the one suggested on the web site above. Maybe something that could be covered on HAK5 sometime?

Sweeet  8)

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Instructables has one doing the same thing, only enclosed in a flash light, so it looks less noticable. They use a dvd drive laser as well.

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