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Anyone have a Diamondmax 16 40GB HDD?


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Might not be the right forum to ask this in, but seems to fit the criteria to me.

Anyone out there in Hak5 land with a matching drive care to do me a favor?  If you could, check the PCB for component Q501 it's a SOT223 package transistor.  if someone could get the numbers off it I'd appreciate it.  The one I have decided to let out it's magic smoke and took the part numbers with it, makes things difficult in finding a replacement.  Thanks guys.

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when things let out the magic smoke you cant always just replace one component, ask yourself why did it let out the magic smoke, and could it have damaged other components? if a resistor got a surge then its possible that the value changed slightly and that caused the transistor to go puff. when the transistor went bad could have caused damage down the line. If your capable of changing a transistor, then what you should be looking for is a complete board for that drive and replace that.

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Very true, there could be some other underlying problem that caused that transistor to blow out.  Replacing the PCB would be the best option, however the only matching PCB I've found that's for sale is $65 from eBay.  A replacement transistor is around $1.00.  I'd much rather spend the dollar first then go for the PCB swap.  If anyone has a matching PCB that I could borrow I'd appreciate it.  Here are the numbers from the drive:


N, G, C, A



LBA: 80043264

MFG Date: 05JUL2004

Made in Singapore ( ) B 3


From the PCB:





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