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Interactive dorm - Speech Jukebox for Winamp


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Some months ago I saw for the first time an episode of Hak.5 and loved the way Darren, Wess and the others used technology to make life easier. So I decided to do my own little project, trusted my technolust and gave my project a name : 'Interactive Dorm'.

Okay, so what is interactive dorm ? To make a long story very short : because I move to a new flat, I would like to develop and use some home automation software/technology on day-to-day base.

The first thing I "developed" was a small project I borrowed from Hak.5 (season1), modified to my needs : a daily newspaper based on RSS and Atom feeds. Because I really enjoyed the idea of actually using my own software, I recently developed "Speech Jukebox for Winamp".


"Speech Jukebox for Winamp"  is an add-on for Winamp which extends it with a complete voice interface. This software makes it possible to request a song, simply by saying a part of the name of an artist, the title or both. Because this software really worked well, I extended it with support for Youtube and Seeqpod. This way, you can watch Youtube videos of your music and play/download music you don't even have on your HD.

I made this software because I think it will be very useful in combination with my Home Theatre PC in my new flat.

Here you can watch a video of the functionality and features of Speech Jukebox : http://avthasselt.sohosted.com/interactive...jukebox_0.4.wmv

At www.interactivedorm.tk you can find more information about my little project.

Why do I post this here ? I hope to encourage others to do the same (spreading the word like Hak.5 does), develop some useful stuff and share it with the world ;-)

(don't mind my English... I'm from Belgium, just like Dr. Evil)

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