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[U3] Autorun some other files as well as LaunchPad


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ive been playing with USB stick for a while now, and i installed XAMPP web server on it with DTX XAMPP Launcher (simple . exe script that starts xampp web server), now i want for web server to start whenever i plug the stick in.

Ive been thinking of using a batch script to load both DTX and U3 Launchpad at same time :

LaunchU3.exe -a

Then i would point autorun. inf on that batch script and both launchpad and xampp would start.  Sadly it doesnt work that simple :)

Thing is with U3 we have 2 partitions one having Launchpad being loaded from autorun. inf, while on other partition i have xampp installed.

And beacose i never know what letter is used for data partition i dont know how to sort this out :(

Anyone has an idea how this could be worked out?



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