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Ubuntu Studio site DOWN


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£50 and I'll mail you an copy. Alternatively you could just google for a mirror, or install everything on a regular copy of ubuntu.
That's why I was thinking of trying that Jigdo thingy. I figured it would find the mirros for me and save time in the process, but from what people said in irc, its not that great. Oh well. I have a cable connection so my download only took like 20minutes for the 700meg iso, but would be nice to have the full dvd of the studio version as quick. I tried to register with the mailing portion of the ubuntu site but I never got the email. Guess I am blocking it somehow.
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Found a mirror for it: http://mosel.estg.ipleiria.pt/mirror/distros/ubuntustudio/

You can find more of them with this search term on google:

"index of" (iso) ubuntustudio -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -md5 -md5sums -pdf

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