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SLAX-Based Ready-Made/Out-of-USA/Bilingual Project for Linux Live CDs/USB Drives


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All right, i've updated to FireFox v2.0.0.8, i got Flash v7 & v9 (plus patched versions

to disguise them) and Java JRE v1.6.0_03-b05.  The modules are ready and tested

but the [grab] button doesn't work so who wants to fix my Linux Live CD solution?...

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On Slax the privileges are those of a "root" user by default and NimbleX is the same,

as i recall.  I have doubts about the home directory being hard-coded instead of

declared in an environment variable because i'd expect to see the biography even

if i can't register the file - which isn't the case:  no details are ever available...

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Hi everyone,

This is a short note to let you know that those who only wish to listen at Pandora should check this:

width=741 height=700http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/5392/pandoraincognitosmallsw6.jpg[/img]


You may have to 1st Log-In as "root" (PassWord="root") to add this to '/etc/tor/torrc':

ExitNodes server1,server2,{...},xyzusaserver,

StrictExitNodes 1

The "Exit" configuration must be re-enabled, of course, or you can just try to pretend you're a

citizen of the United States using the corresponding 'TORK' feature (i'm not sure the later trick

is going to work unless you restart TOR with this option, though)...  FireFox is version

with multilingual support (just like KDE under Gentoo, by the way!) and includes these plug-ins:

AdBlock Plus v0.7.5.3

Cookie Safe v1.3.5

DOM Inspector v1.8.1.11

FireGPG v0.4.8

NoScript v1.3.1

Quick Locale Switcher v1.6.3.7

Referer Control v0.8.9

This Gentoo Linux (v2.6.23-gentoo-r3) anonymizer Live CD depends on the use of:

TOR v0.1.2.19

TORK v0.26

Trans-Proxy-TOR v0.1.0

Vidalia v0.0.16

You now have more background music options for when you kiss your tender half at Valentine day!


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