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problem with system() in php.


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Hey everyone, great site.  I can't belive its taken me this long to sign up.

This being my first post and everything, yet the first thing i do is ask a question may be a bit cheeky, but it has to be done! Maybe someone can help.

In some of the episodes i've noticed the lads run commands on windows boxes running apache and php.  Things like turning on winamp etc.

Now i have a linux box with php and apache installed, and i figured the system command would be fairly similar, but it doesn't seem to want to run any program i ask it too.

For example i have:



        if($_GET['music'] == "sexy")
        system("(xmms --play /home/brainfreeze/air.m3u) > null");
        echo "playing -- please wait";    



<a href="test.php?music=sexy">sexy</a>

yet xmms will not run, even if i use system("xmms"); or system("xmms --play /home/brainfreeze/air. m3u");

however if i do system("ls"); it has no problem displaying me the output, so atleast i know something is being sent to the command line.

What am i doing wrong? Its really boggling my php-noob head.  :(

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

By syntax im assuming your talking about the command rather than the php itself?

"xmms --play /home/brainfreeze/air.m3u" is valid syntax as it works perfectly when i type it into a shell.

To answer your question, when i leave out the ()'s, the result is still the same. xmms (or any other application i've tried so far) doesn't launch. But yet basic commands such as 'ls' etc still do.

Thanks in advance

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See what gets written into that null file, or if this was shorthand for /dev/null then leave that out and see if it spits out any errors over stdout rather than stderr.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the late replies guys. I got distracted with what i was trying to achieve with Apache, and bought a Nintendo wii. Since then I've been messing around with the remote.

I'll try out some of the above ideas and, especially the Apache users as that looks the most promising.

I'll get back to shortly.


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