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Some help with dual booting....


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I looked through the forums and couldn't find anything about it so I hope this is in the right section, should be.

The other day, I installed Ubuntu 7.04 on a hard drive that I reformatted and partitioned to fat32. Everything works, I have windows and Ubuntu. Grub loads and everything, but my keyboard dose not respond in grub, so I'm stuck loading Ubuntu and can never load any of my other OS's. I was thinking that maybe I need to install the keyboard driver into the grub loader (if that's even possible) The keyboard responds during start up bios, but then when grub appears it just turns off and i have to wait for the timer to expire and load Ubuntu then my keyboard turns back on when Ubuntu starts to load.. Has any one else herd of this happening or anything would be really helpful thanks.

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Well it turns out my bios dose have legacy support, it was just hidden under 3 sub subcategory's... So it works now thank you very much for that now all I need is to find out why my second hard drive isnt showing up... lol thanks again.

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I have the same problem with smoothwall v2 running on a old Gateway PC with no PS/2 ports, I can't get passed part of the install after keyboard setup. Had the same problem with the beta version 3. Ended up using IPcop which worked fine with the USB keyboard, and I only needed it to install it!


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