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Hak5 DSLite Skin


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Ok so i decided to make a Hak5 DS Lite skin after hanging out in the chat during the 3x01 launch. I did some google searching and came up with a .psd skin file that is the basis for this project from here on out. Below is a link to Rev1 of the design as well as the original Skin .psd i used to create it so you can make your own skins. If anyone would like to toss it onto the wiki or something feel free. I am releasing this project into the community in hopes that something good will come of it.

Rev1: http://www.sxe13.com/Hak5SkinRev1.png

Rev1.psd: http://www.sxe13.com/DSSkinProject/Hak5SkinRev1.psd

Original Skin Template .psd: http://www.sxe13.com/DSSkinProject/DSLiteSkin.psd

BTW This is best printed by the pros on some nice vinyl sticker paper but you can also do a home printing if you would like. As soon as i can get into the city i am going to have one done by kinkos and i'll post a picture of it attached to my DSLite Black. Feel free and i wish you would post pictures if you make one.

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