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Text Game Community Project!


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Quite alot of new versions made so far heres aquick rundown:

Mine - Crap

Elmer - Ruby, Alot of chances and easter eggs i this game, I dont wanan give out to much info

Cowbox - Cleaner Version of my code

TomB - C - Complete conversion into C

Famicoman - C++ - Hes a little stuck

CrashandDIe - PHP - ood job, all bugs fixed now

Me - Pure HTML - Soon

Nemitor - TI-38 - Untested by me - A version for the TI-84, TI-83+, and TI-84 calculators

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this was an interisting distraction from anotherwise boring day. i converted it into blitzbasic and added a third path. but i havent used bb in a long time so if someone wants to improve on my code then feel free.


after playing through the 3rd path i realize how much it sux. and i apologize. ill try to improve it later. i did the whole thing at like 3am. ill try to make the 3rd path more like the other 2 some time when ive got the time.

lol mabey there should be a community project to create a Hak5 video game lol. mabey flash. or different languages. something. lol


i got bored and converted it into a multipage html game. all of the pages are in the zip file. open "gamestart.html" to start playing. pretty self explanitory.

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