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Running the switchblade with config files


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The idea itself is not new, but the use could be it ;)

If you're using the standard switchblade and would like to change some pathes (e.g. installation path, cmd-path, ...) you would have to edit nearly your whole batch.

One solution would be using variables specified in each batch, but that still means to change a handful batches.

The solution, a simple txt-file containing the data.

The file "locations.ini" containing the pathes ...


... and a line of code in every batch file which sets the variables

for /f %%i IN (.locations.ini) do set %%i

An example:

.%cmd%iepv.exe --> .the.folder.without.variableiepv.exe

So without editing a normal or compiled batch pathes can be changed without great effort.

This could be useful for:

- changing the active components of the switchblade without editing or compiling a batch

- changing the foldernames created on the pc in order to be more "invisible"

- changing the "runlist" of programs to dump informations


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