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C++ Webbrowser >.<


whats your fav web brwoser  

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ok pplz i have searched everywhere and been through google too many times to even count

my question?...

How do you make a simple Webbrowser For Windows using the Win32 api

if its possible

is it like a control or something

any help would be helpful

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For IE(x)-6 and below in Visual Basic 6 you can use the internet control, or if you want, disect the "shdocvw.dll" file and write your own control/app, etc to embed a browser into your app.

If you have IE7 installed, it will be called somehting like ieframe.dll or similar, but I had issues with IE7 and VB6. Might be better with Visual Studio 2005 and up though since all the examples these days seems to be heading towards this platform with the use of .Net controls. I personally love VB6 but just didn't get into later versions. Great place to look is Planet Source Code for working examples.


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nah i know how to do it in vb6 infact its probly the easiest way to do anything would be to use vb6

but ill check out planet source code i wanted to do this in C++ so i wouldnt have to worry about extra dlls and other stuff

but i was also thinking that i could make a html parser right?

to parse the html or page given and render it to a window

although i think that would take alot longer

any suggestions?

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custom control for rendering the page in

Piecing them together is something you'll have to research, and search MSDN for.

You could do it the easy way and use a rich text control, but then you gotta skip the images... still, it'd work as a text-only browser.

Also you'll have to parse and intepret any form of scripting yourself (like JavaScript, etc).

The even easier way is to use an IE control on a form, but that's really cheating and isn't making a browser it's (as VaKo said) skinning IE.

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look into Visual C++ Express 2005/2008

You can add common components like a web browser and many other things, you could probably make tabbed browsing to. As well as toolbars and other stuff. I use Visual Basix Express 2005 and I Love it.  Its really easy to make simple porgrams and great GUI's

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