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Need Help!!


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I have a little problem that i can not solve. I just brought 521mb 266mhz DDR PC2100 DIMM CL2.5 memory. When I go and try and install it i get the following error:


Is corrupt or missing instert the windows CD and press R to try and repair.

Unfortuantly I dont have a windows cd. So i decided to take out my old ram 256mb of DRR 266mhz DIMM CL2.5 and wallarr windows booted first time.

Is there anyway I can use my old memory as well as the new? how can i fix this? and why has this happened?

PS. my motherboard is a Microstar MS-6738

PPS. Ive tryed google

PPPS. I cant seem to see anything about it in the mobo usermanul

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Obtain a copy of windows and do as it says? And can you boot a linux liveCD with the new ram installed? Tried swapping sockets about or just booting of the new ram on its own?

1: remove old ram, instal new ram: attempt windows boot

2: if new ram+windows fails, try above with linux live cd

3: move ram to different sockets and repeat 1&2.

If it boots: gotto 5:,

4: if not, RTR product

5: if you have 2x2 ram slots, try one stick in each group, could be a DDR issue.

6: if linux loads but windows doesn't, try a repair, or maybe a reinstall.

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Hoped it wasn't that, hoped it was a case that one stick wasn't specced as well as the other. You could try messing around with the settings in bios for it, but you might as well rub it on a nylon carpet and RTR it unless your happy with just the new stick in.

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Not a clue mate. I keep saying this but use CPUID to get the memory specs and compare them, and also try a bootable mem-test on each stick as Mr Toxie suggested. That might save you a bit of guess work and ultimatetly money. Personally I always try and get a memory/chip/mobo bundle if I can. Sometimes old and new memory sticks just don't play nicely. If it is broken on your machine, just return it saying it doesn't work, refused to boot in your box.

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