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So I recently reformatted my computer to purge the garbage Windows collects over time. But, I noticed I have a small issue with the network sharing option found under the sharing tab when opening up the properties for certain folders; I can't share them. Yes, I ran the Network Setup Wizard; I, in fact, did it about three times.

What's weird is that it works in certain folders, and it does not in others. For example, I can share folders that are in Program Files, but not folders on the desktop. What's also strange is that this wasn't the case before I reformatted; I could share pretty much any folder I desired.

The only thing I can think of that I did differently this time around installing Windows is I added another Windows account at install, which I've set as a limited account. My main account is set to Administrator. Oh, I also think that I set it so that users can't access other user's account folders. Are either of these the cause of this?

I know I could just move the folders to where Windows would let them be shared, but I just thought I'd ask and see if anyone had a clue as to why it acts differently than it did before I reformatted.

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You need to turn off simple file sharing and then add users to the folders. You can add "Everyone" and then it will be shareable by everyone, but you may be prompted for a login and password when accessing the folder from anohter computer. Also make sure the following services are running(services.msc from the run prompt):

"Computer Browser"


"Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)"

Without them turned on I think you can't share or open other shares, even if you can see the share over the network. But adding users to each folder under the security tab may fix your problem.

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