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connecting to a phone line


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hi everybody, i have cable connection so my internet connection is pretty fast; however, i wanna connect my computer to a phone line so that i can be able to access the internet from  a my phone line and not my cable connection

so my question is this, how can i connect my computer to my phone line without having to get the dial up service from my telephone company???

is there a way to plug the phone cable to my modem card and dial something to get some kind of free internet, in other words is there a way to dial to some other modem and get free internet and them i can access any website from there?

dial-up connections and stuff like that are not my best so please if you can help me i will really thank you.

by the way some of you will ask " why do you wanna use dial up connectio when you got cable well it is obvious , i wanna have a different ip address without having to use a proxy, sock proxy or a web proxy, instead i wanna use a phone connection

thank you

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what the heck do you mean by saying randonly spoof a mac address and get dhcp request, how would that help me.

of course i change my mac address when i di something on the internet if you know what i mean, and i proxy my connection with torl however, i wanna know how to connect to a phone line  so that my "privacy" qould be a little bit better.i am in nat network and it is really difficult for me to get new ip addresses it taks like 4 months before my isp changes my external ip, and for those who are gonna tell me to disconnect my modem and let it be loff all night, well i hhave tried that but didn't work

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