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Downloading a vid from rtsp?


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Hey, was wondering if someone here could help me out with downloading a video from rtsp?  I've tried using some download programs that support rtsp but none of them seem to be working, it would just download the link and would have to connect to the server to play the video.  I would like to download the vid so that it can be viewed offline but cannot figure out how or find a program that can do it.

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The only way to do it is capture the packets and then have a program to re-write the vid output to a file. You can do is using wireshark, but you will get all kinds of header and footer data that does not belong there and needs to be parsed out of a raw log file into the saved output.

Mp3's work fine with this method when leaving the extra data in there as they ignore the extra chunked data when playing back in windows media player, but other things like video may not play and say it is corrupted becasue it may not parse out the video itself and try to read in the extra data. There are programs that let you stream to disk instead of just playing it on the fly, but you will have to look elsewhere for them. Try google.

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rtsp... I had a thread about this a bit ago. VLC kinda crapped out on me because I think my rtsp (if not all) stream was real media. SUPER (Google it) will save and possibly on the fly re-encode the stream.  Should work if you run windows.

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