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Multi Monitors Question...


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Hello, I'm trying to set up triple monitors.  The only problem I'm haveing is that i don't have enough money coming in to get another video card so i thought is it passable to enable both your on board video card and your video card I'm using a Ge-Force 6600 LE any suggestions??
Wouldn't that still only be two monitors? Or does the one card have two vga adapters on it?

I had problems using the ones on the motherboard and a seperate one on pci. It woudl sometimes give me a blank screen and not turn the other one on, so I just disable the mobo one in the bios and stuck with external ones. I know XP will allow you to do 2 screens simultaniously if you have two adapters and want to increase your vitual desktop size, but I have never tried three at the same time, although, I have only worked on double monitors at work, and only own one(19inch widescreen) at home. I have not needed to use more than one screen at home.

I know synergy lets you use one mouse and keyboard for multiple pc control by moving the mouse between monitos of different desktops, but there should be somehting like this to split it up if you have multiple adapters work with multiple monitors for one pc, vs the synergy method. Just not sure if Window supports more than 2 displays/virtual desktops at the same time. One thing you might want to do is save up for a larger screen where you will only need two monitors to spread the work across. Personally, I would prefer a larger monitor vs more monitors taking up space. The extra hardware in the pc would only contribute to resources and heat buildup that isn't needed.

Good luck getting it to work, and if you do, please share what you come up with.

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Well Right now i have 2 screens hooked up to my Ge-Force 6600 so i would like to some how enable my on board while still having my Ge-Force enabled but i cant seem to figure out how and i don't see any option on my bios to do the only thing i can do with my bios is choose weather i want pci or pci express....

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What happens when you plug in all three? IS the OnBoard disabled in the device manager?

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In response to your question. If your Onboard Video Adapter is setup AGP, and your graphics card uses AGP they cause a conflict. But if you use a PCI or PCI Express graphics card this will help save a lot of problems. Enable your onbaord video and have your graphics card put in an open slot. Once windowz boots up, right-click on desktop --> properties. Go to the Settings Tab.(Make sure the Nvidia Unified Drivers are installed) Choose which screen you want to use as primary, then click the box for that.  :shock:Now click on the alternate screen Screen(Your onboard) and click extend my desktop. It's alot easier to setup through Windowz. If you want to setup the Monitors using another configuration(aka one hanging on the wall while two are side by side) try using the Nvidia control panel. Have some fun and goodluck my fellow Hackling!

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