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Of course its the kids faults. They should know to not listen to these idiot rappers and try to actually be someone.

Kids copy what they see, they need role models... who do we have as role models? 50 Cent and Paris Hilton? Good job...

Basically yes. They see themselves as needing to fit to a social "niche", if not they do not feel accepted. I mean hey, upside is some mature when they get into high school.

You cannot blame the kids, there kids afterall. They don't have the knowledge required to make value judgements about things like education. What they do have is a culture which places being a celeb (a nebulus concept at best) above being a "geek".

Well then you blame the parents  :P

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nah he's just trying to match k1u karma

At the time I didn't view it as resurrecting a dead thread sense it was in news, and in the news board, it was still very much alive.  As for the Karma Cheers!

Lol its ok buddy. I will give you +1's whenever I can don't worry.

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