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Batch file help needed.


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I am needing a file that will auto backup a folder from a usb drive to C drive, and also if a new usb stick is entered into the machine it will auto back up the folder to the new stick.  This is sort of a usb worm. . .  Can anyone help. ????

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Hi Elmer,

Thanks for your reply but i am looking for a batch file that will copy in stealth mode a single folder containing a hidden file from a usb stick onto a pc and also if a new usb key is inserted it will move the hidden single folder from the pc harddrive back to the usb key. I guess these programs are similar but need it to simply move USB:/hiddenfolder to C:/folder and then move it back to USB hidenfolder from C:/folder. Hope this makes some sense. I know that someone has made this for USB hacksaw but i can't find it???

Anyone help.

Thanks again Elmer....

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Hm. For silent use you will need an external tool, called NirCmd. I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but Leapo said that he was able to get USB Dumper to launch a file instead of dump the contents. If you can get that working, USB Dumper should launch this, but make sure you have NirCMD.exe in the same folder. I'm not sure if this will work, because I don't know how USB dumper calls batch files onto a thumb drive, but this might work.

nircmd.exe exec hide copy.bat

This will grab all hidden files.

xcopy *.* c:folder /s/a:h

Hope this helped!

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